Saturday, May 2, 2009

feral cats and pajamas to work. best ever.

that was my life yesterday. blech.
but in my defense, i was very very very ill.

never give me a power chord to put away.
it ends up a tangled mess and then you'll have to spend about forever undoing what i've done.
also, your computer dies and you could lose everything.
and that would not be good.

there was this feral cat wandering around the other day.
it followed me around for awhile. like 5 feet 5 inches away from me the whole time.
i left him some turkey lunch meat on the stair case.
he took it and ran.
i feel used.
i haven't seen him since.

this guy i work with. i want to punch him.
in the back of the head.
i do i do.

also, awesome news, i wore my pajamas to work today and nobody cares.

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