Monday, May 18, 2009

vivantoril fixes it.

yes, doctor? i'd like to get me some of them vivantoril pills. yeah, yeah. being awake makes me so irritable. i hate holding down a job. and urinating? don't even get me started.

thank you toothpaste for dinner for making that comic.

charlie moved up into the engine in my sister's vw bug. silly little guy won't come out to play ever. rock chucks don't make good pets apparently.

also, orange juice now makes me sick.

so depressing seeing as how it's pretty much the blood flowing through my veins.


  1. I understand this. Hence the reason I found Ambien. However, it has slightly destroyed my life because I'm just like a robot when I wake up. I'm trying to ween myself off the stuff. Doesn't mean I don't love naps still...

  2. Sally! You are so FUNNY! I am glad you are back in Utah!