Thursday, July 23, 2009

dear greyhound, you ruined my soul : part one

i fell in love with a gypsy boy.
we met at a greyhound bus station.
he watched my bags for me.
his smile was like sunshine for my soul.
it warmed me from the inside out.
i will never see this boy again.

i want to be somebody's gypsy boy.

downtown sac to reno.
i'm a minority.
in and out of sleep.
sharing candy with the vegan boy justin.
interesting fellow.
going home to connecticut.
working in his father's clothing store.

celtic music festival on the truckee river.
wakeboarding from a tree.
justin and i search for pizza.
leave my drink.
pizzaboy runs 2 blocks to find me.
i have my drink again.
almost late for the bus.

"i'm so tired.
my body aches for something i can't find.
time for bed."