Saturday, September 12, 2009

there's so much love in this room i'm beginning to feel a bit claustrophobic.


so old ladies frequent my place of work.
weight watchers is next door and all the fatties take the closest parking spots.
so most of what i hear all day is old ladies saying "i had to park soooo far away. almost to the end of the parking lot and walk all the way down here. and it's so hot. blah blah blah. whine whine whine."
oh dear, would you like some cheese with your wine? chedder? gouda maybe?

i learned how to water ski on labor day.
can i just say that i'm good.
not reeeeally good. but good enough.
i want to try it again. soooon.

my darlingest cousin sarah is sick and sunburnt . . . sunburned?
badly. swine flu and jet skiing don't go together well.
so i'm taking care of her by entertaining her with silly videos.

i'm going to build you a log cabin.

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